La Conda Ranch Olive Orchard, Corning, CA

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  • Price: $840,000
  • Lot size: 60 +/- acres
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Property Details

60 +/- acres of class 2 & 3 soils planted to producing olives. Water is provided by the Corning Water District. 20 acres fronting Rawson Road is planted to Sevillano with Manzanillo interplants. The balance of the acreage is planted to Manzanillo. All are irrigated using single line drip line and one micro sprinkler per tree. 2 +/- miles (N) of Corning, CA and 1 mile (W) of the Interstate 5.

Water: Irrigation water is provided the Corning Water District.

Irrigation: Single line drip line with one micro sprinkler per tree.

Soils: Per NRCS, the class 2 soils are TaA, Tehama loam; AvA, Arbuckle gravelly loam and PkA, Perkins gravelly loam. The class 3 soils are KpA, Kimball loam; KoA, Kimball gravelly loam; KpB, Kimball loam and minor Mx, Moda loam.

Olives: Nearly 50 acres are planting to producing olives. The 20 acre block fronting Rawson is planted to Sevillano (24’ x 24” spacing) with some Manzanillo interplants down the tree row. The 40 acre orchard block to the east is planted to Manzanillo, (25’ x 25’ spacing) with some Manzanillo interplants down the tree row.

Crop: 2019 crop included in the sale provided Buyer reimburses Seller cultural costs from January 1, 2019 to close of escrow. The Manzanillo are contracted with Bell Carter. Seller believes Musco may be willing to contract the Sevillano.

Zoning: Tehama County Parcel Numbers 069-070-038-000 (20.00 acres only, lots 5 & 6) and 069-070-040-000 (40.00 acres). Zoning is AG-2- AP; Agriculture, Ag Preserve, 40 Acre minimum.

Mineral Rights: Oil, gas and minerals rights owned by Seller are included in the sale.

Depreciation: Improvements such as the trees, well and irrigation systems may offer deprecation advantages to a prospective Buyer.

Parcel Map Waiver: Tehama Board of Supervisors have approved Parcel Map Waiver #19-01 Patton. At close of escrow, Seller will submit final legal description to Tehama County who will proceed forward and record the newly created parcel.


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