Lemoine Ranch – Hay and Cattle Ranch Alturas, CA

Property Overview

  • Price: $3,775.000 cash to Seller
  • Address: 1337 County Road 57, Alturas, CA
  • Lot size: 2,026.81 Acres acres
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Property Details

Approximately 2,026.81 contiguous acres with 33% irrigated cropland, 63% rangeland, 4% sub-irrigated meadow used as a cow calf and hay operation. The irrigated cropland is planted to mixed grasses used for hay and cattle grazing. The ranch is located on the southeast side of Dorris Reservoir which includes a small BLM grazing allotment permit. Truly this is one of Modoc County’s finest ranch properties. The ranch is located 2 miles east of Alturas with paved county road access. The ranch is located approximately 145 miles NE of Redding, CA. The property address is 1337 County Road 57, Alturas, CA.

Irrigation: Irrigation is provided by (5) groundwater wells. 4 with turbine pressure pumps and one with submersible pump. In total there are 7 pivots and 8 wheel lines which irrigate approximately 750 acres. The (N) well has 125 Hp electric turbine pump which feeds a new 10 tower Zimmatic pivot and a 3 tower Pringle. A 60 Hp turbine pump servicing a 6 tower Valley pivot, 3 tower Pringel pivot and 4 wheel lines. A Duetz 150 HP diesel engine drive pump servicing a 6 tower Valley pivot. A 60 Hp turbine pump servicing 2 pivots and 2 wheel lines. A 15 Hp submersible pump along with a 20 Hp centrifugal pump used during early irrigation when surface water is available. There are 542.1 acres under center pivot, with 115.41 acres being irrigated via wheel Lines. The ranch has a 1.5 cfs water right out of Clear Creek which is used for flood irrigation and stockwater. Combined the total estimated ranch production of water is 7,000 gallons per minute at maximum useage.

Additional Water: The ranch has 2 domestic wells, 1 stock well and 3 reservoirs. Seasonal Pine Creek flows into the south portion of the ranch into a large reservoir, then cascades over a lava rock bluff creating a majestic waterfall and ending up in Dorris Reservoir.

Soils: Per Natural Resources Conservation Service, the farmable soils are primarily 24% KarcAL-Ninekar complex, 0-9% slopes(Class 6s); 14% Bieber gravelly loam, 0 to 9% slopes(Class 4e/6e); 14% Daphendale stony loam, 30to 50% slopes(Class 6e); 9% Water; 8% Modoc sandy loam, 0 to 9% slopes (Class 3e/4e); 6% Drews loam, 0 to 5% slopes (Class 3e/4e); 4% Delma cobbly loam, 9 to 30% slopes (Class 6e); 4% Barnard gravelly loam, 0 to 9% slopes (Class3e/4e); 4% Buntingville clay loam, 0 to 2% slopes (Class 3w/4w); and 3% Bieber gravely loam, 9 to 15% slopes (Class 4e/6e). The soils in the irrigated cropland and meadow land are well drained soils capable of production of all common local crops.

Structures: The site was improved with three dwellings, detached garage, shop, meat locker/shed three hay barns, feedlot, corrals with scale and loading facilities. The site also has a fuel tank site with 6 RV hookups. There are three homes consisting of a two story main house is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath with 2,356 sqft; a foreman’s home consisting of 1,152 sqft 2 bedroom,1.5 bath with a large deck overlooking the ranch. A guest home (hunter’s home) with 936 sqft. There are 3- 5,850 sqft (500 ton) open pole barns used for hay storage along with a 5,100 sqft shop with enclosed office. The main home comes with a 1,300 sqft detached garage and storage area along with a tack room and two horse stalls. Near the main home is a 500 sqft meat room. The farmstead is long established with mature trees and a well graveled travel areas.

Corrals and Feedlot: There is an extensive set of new guard rail steel corrals completed in 2018. Corral area includes covered working area of 1,700 sqft., scale and loading facilities for trucks with trailers or rear loading truck trailers. Owner is in the process of completing a 800 foot bunk space feedlot with three pens accessible during winter months.

Topography: Elevations range from 5,060 ft. to 5,400 ft. elevation ranging from slightly undulating under the irrigated cropland and meadow land areas to undulating to rolling/steep in the rangeland areas.

Utilities: Electricity is provided by Pacific Power and Light Company. Wood heat, oil furnaces and propane provides home utilities. Electricity is provided in various locations by rural pole lines to the farmsteads and well pumps. Domestic water is provided by 3 small site wells with submersible pumps for house and livestock water. Sewage disposal is provided by septic systems.

Zoning: Modoc County Parcel Numbers 022-240-25-11, 022-240-26-11, 022-510-24-11, and 022-510-45-11. Zoning is 160 acre Agricultural Preserve which indicates it is enrolled in the California Land Conservation Act commonly referred to as the Williamson Act which offers lower property taxes in keeping the property in agricultural production. Current property taxes are $14,027 per year.

Mineral Rights: All oil, gas, minerals and water rights owned by Seller are included.

Grazing Allotment: The subject property is utilized in conjunction with a BLM grazing permit (00135 Pine Creek Mesa). The total seasonal capacity of 257 AUM for the term of 2014-2023. The permit allows use from April thru the end of May, with up to 170 head maximum at one time. The 2016 permit fees were $543 or $2.11 per AUM.

Recreation: There are 6 recreational RV hookup sites with a house used by duck hunters annually which can provide additional non-farm income. Being adjacent to Dorris Reservoir provides outstanding water fowl hunting during the fall months with 7 duck blinds strategically located around the perimeter of Dorris Reservoir. Previous owners have leased out the waterfowl hunting and provided RV hookups with the use of the additional guest house for lodging. The owner has the option of acquiring 2 mule deer land owner tags through Fish and Wildlife which is in the X3B hunting zone. Herds of antelope are seen often crossing the ranch with resident deer feeding in the hay fields. Additionally there are quail, prairie dog, and grouse to hunt when in season.

Comments: Truly this is one of Modoc County’s finest ranch properties. Nicely improved alfalfa, grass, and meadow hay cattle ranch which summers 600 spring calving beef cows. The ranch has recently been improved with efficient VFD electrical panels, new pumps and irrigation equipment. This is a turnkey cattle ranch where the cattle do exceptionally well all summer long. This ranch could be converted entirely into a hay ranch if the new owner desires. The ranch setting is very majestic being at the upper end of Dorris Reservoir and surrounded by a lava rock bluff. The ranch is very scenic with the waters of Dorris Reservoir to the high mesas above the ranch. Additional hunting revenue has a large potential to be developed by a new owner with recreational interests.

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